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Mallik Thatipelli

We strive towards healthy and good-looking legs. It's our PROMISE!

California Vascular & Vein Center is founded and operated by Dr. Mallik Thatipelli. Our goal is to offer comprehensive medical care to vascular and vein diseases. We provide minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment options for all vascular and venous problems. 

Dr. Thatipelli is fellowship trained in Vascular Medicine at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and board certified in Vascular Medicine, Endovascular Medicine and Phlebology. Our trained and experienced staff is committed to providing excellent care.

We perform all of our varicose vein procedures in our office under minimal sedation with no downtime. Patients can walk home soon after the procedure completion and can resume normal activities. We also treat circulation problems such as PAD, HTN and, carotid stenosis. We offer comprehensive evaluation and definitive treatment for leg wounds for arterial and venous problems.



"Pains in my legs have improved and I feel a lot better. My legs don't feel heavy anymore. I recommend Dr. Thatipelli to anyone who has problems with their legs."

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We offer quality care with affordable options.
We accept Medicare, Medical, Bluecross/Blueshield, Kern Family, Health net, Medi-Medi, and most private carriers. We also accept cash pay patients and provide payment plans.
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